Marketplanet – To better control and optimize the money you spend.

Experience our expertise

Marketplanet is a leader in the production and implementation of innovative purchasing IT solutions in the CEE region. For over 14 years, Marketplanet has coordinated purchasing projects in the public sector, as well as in the mining, telecommunications, energy, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and production industries and FMCG sector, achieving savings which equal over EUR 500 mln so far. Marketplanet’s technology is complementary to ERPs.

Achieve significant savings

The Marketplanet Platform – Public Procurement supports the process of contract planning. It provides assistance in conducting purchasing procedures in compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, including starting a procedure, submission of tenders, tenders assessment and recording the progress of contract performance (database of contracts). What is more, electronic auctions allow organizations to achieve significant savings.

Communicate faster

Marketplanet is also the operator of Marketplanet OnePlace – an innovative supplier cloud – a platform for communication between buyers and suppliers. Enterprises present at Marketplanet OnePlace conduct 200 000 transactions with the turnover of EUR 6 billion a year.



Tens of billions of zlotys in savings for Polish businesses


Marketplanet to better control and optimize the money you spend


Adaptation of the best procurement practices

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