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PROEBIZ began working in the digital marketplace as long ago as the year 2000 with the development of its first eAuction system. Since then the PROEBIZ eAuction system has developed into a multifaceted solution providing a variety of different eAuctions for different needs.

In recent years we have developed a suite of eProcurement solutions for both the public and private sectors. JOSEPHINE is a comprehensive eProcurement solution for the public sector which can be adapted for the legislative requirements of different states. WORKFLOW is a solution for the management and sourcing of procurement requirements within an organisation. BASE is a shared catalogue of suppliers and products. All of these products are interconnectable, providing the ultimate in eProcurement flexibility. Last but not least, we offer multi-language support unparalleled in the Central European market with our comprehensive ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME.

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PROEBIZ: eAuction & eProcurement Platform

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